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Introducing Layton ServiceDesk™

Layton ServiceDesk is an all new web-based ITIL help-desk system. Rewritten from the ground up and incorporating the very latest web 2.0 technology such as AJAX, Layton ServiceDesk offers unparalleled levels of customizability.

Every feature and module has been carefully designed before being implemented. Hundreds of new features are included, from all new ITIL Problem and Change Management through to powerful reporting and analysis.

Layton ServiceDesk is so configurable that it can be whatever you want it to be, whether you're managing your internal end users, supporting external companies or offering a product or service, Layton ServiceDesk can do it all, right out of the box! There is no need to purchase additional modules or time consuming installation and training. Layton ServiceDesk delivers powerful web-based help-desk technology at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Layton ServiceDesk will streamline your support operations to ensure you deliver exceptional customer service for a lower cost and even less effort.

  • Significantly reduce costs
  • Deliver exceptional customer service and support
  • Save time with less effort
  • Streamline support operations

Layton ServiceDesk will have your operations running smoothly in no time at all. Whether automating daily support tasks, monitoring and managing the delivery of IT services, generating request logs, or tracking troublesome incidents, Layton ServiceDesk can do it all!

The better help desk. It’s all included, right out of the box!



Table of Contents

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Configuring the System

Using the System

Using the System (Analyst)
Using the System (End User)

Administration Page

General Settings


System Settings


Company Structure

Data Design

Global List View

Form Design




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