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Analyst Availability Server may be managed in Administration > Company Structure > Analyst Availability Server. The Analyst Availability Server connection allows ServiceDesk to connect to Exchange Web Services (EWS) and synchronize Analyst absences. When this is configured, an absence created in an Analyst's Exchange-based Outlook calendar will be automatically transferred to the ServiceDesk Analyst Availability Calendar.

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Enable NTLM

NTLM Authentication must be enabled for the Exchange Web Services (EWS) site. Basic authentication should be disabled.

Username and permissions

The ServiceDesk Analyst username must match Active Directory username for the Outlook absences to be reflected in ServiceDesk. The user must also be granted permission to access EWS.

Service Account

A Service account must be created to impersonate all other accounts. This account must be used for the username in the Settings below.


Server Url

Enter the URL for the Exchange Web Server

Exchange Version

Enter the version of Exchange running EWS

User Name

Enter the user name for the account connecting to EWS


Enter the password for the account entered

Use Email

If there are issues in connecting, this option can be used to match on the email address.

Test Settings

Use this link to test the connection string

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