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The Banner is the strip above the menu system. On installation, it's branded with our Layton ServiceDesk logo. This is customisable.

There is always at least one default banner configured in the system.

Lsd banner 01.png

Toolbar Buttons

Button Name Description
Lsd btn toolbar label 32px.png
Label Add a text string to the banner region.
Lsd btn toolbar link 32px.png
Add Hyperlink Add a static hyperlink.
Lsd btn toolbar image 32px.png
Add Image Add an image to the banner.
Lsd btn toolbar prop 32px.png
Page Properties Change colors and Whiteboard properties.
Lsd btn toolbar preview 32px.png
Preview Mode View the proposed changes.
Lsd btn toolbar snap grid on.png
Snap to Grid Toggle between page elements snapping to the grid and arbitrary pixel placement.

Page Properties

These Properties control display aspects for both the Banner page and the Whiteboard.

Lsd form design banner prop.png

Page Color

The color of the page underneath any overlaid image. By default, this is #EEEEEE (medium gray).

Whiteboard Ticker Color

The color of the text for Whiteboard messages. By default, this is #FFFFFF (white).

Whiteboard left margin

The distance, in pixels from the left-hand side of the browser window, where the Whiteboard message will disappear. This is used to prevent a message from scrolling over a company logo. By default, this is 65 Pixels, and is configured to prevent scrolling over the Layton ServiceDesk logo, which is the default logo image on installation. Adjust this as necessary if the logo is changed.

Whiteboard Speed

The speed is controlled by two settings.

Whiteboard Scroll Delay

The time delay between movements. Larger values make the message move more slowly. By default, this is 100 Milliseconds.

Whiteboard Scroll Step

The number of pixels that the message will jump from right to left, affecting smoothness of movement. Higher values increase speed and apparent jerkiness of movement. Legibility will be reduced. By default, this is 2 Pixels.

Changing Appearance

The page element you probably most want to change is the Layton ServiceDesk logo. You will need to prepare a replacement logo prior to modification of the banner design. It is recommended that you use PNG format, with transparency, for best results.

Lsd banner logo 01.png


  1. Prepare your replacement logo. Recommended size is 240 x 65 pixels or less. These are the dimensions of the default Layton ServiceDesk image, Layton-ServiceDesk_Logo_White.png.
  2. Copy the logo file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Layton Technology\Layton ServiceDesk\Application_Images\Custom\.
  3. Go to Administration > Form Design > General Forms > Banners > Default.
  4. Click the Layton ServiceDesk logo.
  5. Click the Delete button Lsd btn delete 24px.png to remove it.
  6. Click the Add Image button Lsd btn toolbar image 32px.png.
  7. Click the Select button Lsd btn select 16px.png next to the Image Source field.
  8. In the left-hand pane, click the User folder.
  9. Click the Upload button.
  10. Click the Select button.
  11. Navigate to where your replacement logo is, click it and click the Open button. This will populate one of the three filename fields.
  12. Click the Upload button to upload the image.
  13. In the User folder in the Select Image dialog, double-click the replacement logo. This will take you back to the Image Properties page.
  14. You can specify the position on the page here or drag it later.
  15. Click the Save button Lsd btn save.png.
  16. Drag the Image to the desired position.

Changing Logo Size

If the image is too large or too small, you can adjust the dimensions in the Image Properties page. By entering a value of pixels in the Image Width or Image Height fields, you can control the dimensions. Note that you don't have to specify both. For example, for a 240-pixel-wide image, entering 50 in the Image Height field will proportionally adjust the width.

In this example, by adjusting the height of both the logo and the banner background to a height of 50 pixels, you can make the banner appear smaller.

Lsd banner size 01.png

In this example, the logo and banner background image have been resized to 80 pixels high and the image is cropped.

Lsd banner size 02.png

The banner height is fixed at 65 pixels high.

It is recommended to prepare your image at the size you will be using it for best render quality. In the larger size example above, the image begins to look fuzzy with the upscaling.

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