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This page contains the key system terms, which are also used within the menu structure and then wherever referred to. Any term displayed can be renamed by entering the new name against the term. All instances of that term will be amended throughout the system to the new name as specified.

Use in Interface

An application term can be entered in text labels on forms in this format:


To render the term rather than static text.

Example: If you have changed the term Request to Call, you can enter:


on a form and it will be converted on the fly as Call.

List of Terms

Application Term Default Value Description
User Analyst Any support personnel using the system.
End User End User The person or user of equipment or services who will log or submit a Request to the ServiceDesk.
Request Request End User- or customer-submitted call which can take any form, i.e., and incident, request for information or training, etc.
Request Type Request Type Term used to categorize Requests and problems into user-defined groups. Links to Skills and Solutions.
Solution Solution The answer or resolution to a Request as stored in a Solutions Base.
End Client Department A separate user-defined table linked to End User. Can be used for any purpose.
Action Task Actions or activities that may or may not be scheduled for a Request.
Action Type Task Type Type or grouping of Actions.
Site Site Sites or locations where Actions are to be done.
Company Company Company names.
Comment Comment Update to a Request either by Analyst or End User, providing an audit trail of additional information or events associated with a Request.
Priority Priority/SLA Priority of the Request linked to an SLA with time to resolve and escalation as required.
Survey Survey Survey of End User with relation to the work done on a Request.
Self Service Self Service The name of the Self Service interface in the End-User web interface.

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