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On database creation, the SQL user LaytonUser1 is created as an account that can be used with Layton ServiceDesk. This article lists the configuration of the account.

The LaytonUser1 account will appear in:

  • SQLSERVERNAME > Databases > LaytonServiceDesk > Security > Users
  • SQLSERVERNAME > Security > Logins.

If the database is moved to another server, the account will not be recreated in SQLSERVERNAME > Security > Logins.

It is not necessary to connect to SQL Server using the LaytonUser1 account. It is provided so that Layton ServiceDesk can connect using a known SQL Server user account. A different account can be used.


On creation, the password is


We recommend that this be changed.


SQL Server 2008

Lsd acct laytonuser1 config01.png

Lsd acct laytonuser1 config02.png

Lsd acct laytonuser1 config03.png

Lsd acct laytonuser1 config04.png

Lsd acct laytonuser1 config05.png

SQL Server 2016

Lsd acct laytonuser1 sql2016 config01.png

LaytonUser1 is given the sysadmin Server Role because it needs to be able to create user-defined fields on forms, which are implemented as new columns in various tables:

Lsd acct laytonuser1 sql2016 config02.png

Lsd acct laytonuser1 sql2016 config03.png

Only Connect SQL is checked in the Grant column:

Lsd acct laytonuser1 sql2016 config04.png

Lsd acct laytonuser1 sql2016 config05a.png

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