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The Data design function provides Administrative users with the ability to add user-defined fields to data tables in the Layton ServiceDesk database tables, although system fields (fields prefixed sys_) cannot be deleted.

The default data structures may be adequate, and therefore there will be no requirement to add any user defined fields. Examination of each table under Administration > Data Design will allow decisions to be made on any changes.

You must create any new data fields before you can add them to a form design. The following data tables can be viewed and edited (Note that the Problem, Change & Company data tables will only be available if these features have been turned on in Administration > System Settings > Application Settings):

  • Task Data
  • Request Data
  • Problem Data
  • Change Data
  • Analyst Data
  • End User Data
  • Company Data
  • Department Data
  • Site Data
  • Solution Data
  • Priority Data
  • Survey Data

All data tables are displayed in the same grid view, showing the Field Name, Type (type of data) and Size (number of maximum characters). The Delete button Lsd delete 16px.png will not appear next to system fields, which are prefixed with sys_.

Adding a User-Defined Field

To add a data field, click the Add button Lsd btn plus.png. A form will open to enter the Field Name, Type (Text, Integer, Currency, Date, etc) and Size and when completed, click the Save button Lsd btn save.png.

Any field you do add in data design must be prefixed usr_. Use only lower-case letters, numbers and the underscore _. On a form, a more descriptive label can be used. For example, the constraints of database design require a field to be called usr_smk_code, but on the form, the field can be given the label SMK Code.

Lsd data design add field.png

Once a user-defined data field has been added to the database table, it can be added to forms by clicking the Add User Field button Lsd btn toolbar user 32px.png on the Toolbar in the Form Design interface.

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