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Application Version

From within the Layton ServiceDesk Application

In Layton ServiceDesk, click the Administration button Lsd btn admin.png and scroll to the bottom of the page. The version number appears in the footer.

Lsd app ver 02.png

The version number also appears in Admin > System Settings > License Information

From the Executable Properties

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Layton Technology\Layton ServiceDesk\.
  2. Get Properties on the LaytonServiceDesk.exe file.
  3. Click the Details tab.

    Lsd app ver 01.png

  4. The version is the Product Version.

NOTE: The version number listed in Programs and Features may be incorrect. When Layton ServiceDesk is installed, the version number is correct. Later updates will not change this version, however.

Database Version

As of version 6.6.3, the version is updated in the database when the application is updated. Versions prior to 6.6.3 may not have the correct application version reflected in the database.

In disaster recovery, if the application can't be launched in order to read the version number on the Administration page, this can be used to determine which version to reinstall.

In the database table admin, look for the value db_compatible_app in the sys_admin_id column. The version number appears in the sys_admin_value column in this row. This SQL query will also return the version number:

   SELECT sys_admin_value AS "Database Version Number"
   FROM   [admin]
   WHERE  sys_admin_id = 'db_compatible_app'

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