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ServiceDesk v6.6.7 is a minor release of the product. You must be using ServiceDesk v6.2.0 or later before you can upgrade to the latest version. If you are using an earlier version please upgrade by downloading v6.2.0 from the Update ➤ Layton ServiceDesk menu in the Client Support Portal before attempting to upgrade to the latest version.


Determining the Currently Installed Version

Please refer to this article to determine the currently installed version.

Obtaining the Update

Please log in to the Client Support Portal to download the upgrade installer.

Test Installation

We recommend that you create a Test Installation and upgrade it before committing to updating your live system.


Do not uninstall Layton ServiceDesk prior to upgrading. This is an update, not a full installer.

  1. Extract the lsd667_upgrade folder from the archive to the root of an attached, local drive.
  2. Back up your database
  3. In Windows Services Console:
    1. Stop the IIS Admin service
    2. Stop the LaytonServiceDesk service
  4. Open the lsd667_upgrade folder.
  5. Disable anti-virus software on the server, if running. This has been known to prevent the copying of files, especially .exe files, to the Program Files folder.
  6. Right-click the installer lsd667_upgrade.exe and select Run as administrator. This will avoid permission issues.
  7. In Windows Services Console, start the IIS Admin and LaytonServiceDesk services.
  8. Enable anti-virus software, if applicable.

New Features

# Title Description
66770 Add Analyst Setting for Tasks Home Screen You can now set the default filter that will be applied to the Tasks List View when the View Tasks button is clicked.
66776 Enhance Incoming Email Interface In the Outgoing Email Queue, arbitrary selections of emails, or all emails, can now be selected and either be re-sent or deleted.
66782 Use OU as a Business Rule Criterion An End User's OU name can now be used as a condition in Request Business Rules. Note that you must map the euser.sys_ouname field to the applicable LDAP field and reimport your End Users in order the populate the field so that it can be used.

Bug Fixes

# Title Description
65406 LDAP Timeout Issue With many records in the LDAP server, saving a filter would time out.

Released 2016-12-02

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