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ServiceDesk v6.3.6 is a minor release of the product. This version introduces several bug fixes and new features to the program. The upgrade can be applied to any version of 6.2.0 or greater. Back up your database, stop the IIS Admin service, and run the upgrade installer lsd636_upgrade.exe. Once complete, the browser cache must be cleared for proper page display.

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 830 - Increase File-Size Limit for Document Manager
  • Bug 864 - Solution Page Not Fully Displayed in Safari and Chrome
  • Bug 1050 - Request Search auto-populates site after selecting end-user
  • Bug 1060 - Chrome rendering mini-tables in Problem/Change tabs
  • Bug 1077 - Email keyword improvement
  • Bug 1116 - Default Analyst Group improperly applying (None) setting
  • Bug 1117 - Incoming email line breaks lost
  • Bug 1168 - Firefox 10 error after login - Input string was not in a correct format
  • Bug 1171 - LDAP filter fails to save in large AD
  • Bug 1177 - Charts on Dashboard Display Without Data Until You Change the Filter
  • Bug 1179 - End user form refresh after selecting request type clears site
  • Bug 1194 - Dbo.businessrulesel.sys_brsel_value datatype restricting large strings
  • Bug 1204 - Cannot View AuditWizard asset child locations in end user usual site
  • Bug 1210 - Banner multiplies when logged out and logging back in
  • Bug 1214 - Emails with subjects >100 characters long do not become comments
  • Bug 1244 - Unable to apply comment to Problem or Change after upgrade to 6.3.5
  • Bug 1267 - Incoming emails being logged with datetime from email timestamp instead of server time
  • Bug 1274 - LDAP auto imported analyst unable to view RLV, problems, changes, tasks
  • Bug 1283 - Switching from WebDAV to SMTP/POP3 and back to WebDAV results in email failure
  • Bug 1284 - Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection
  • Bug 1295 - Failed to upgrade database: The constraint 'PK__company__4363F47912FDD1B2' is being referenced by table 'requesttemplate', foreign key constraint 'FK_requesttemplate_company'. Could not drop constraint.
  • Bug 1305 - Request Form will not save the "Assigned to Analyst Group" field data when there is no "Assigned to Analyst" entered
  • Bug 1309 - Analyst Group Analysts not saving settings
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