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ServiceDesk v6.3.2 is a minor release of the product. This version introduces several bug fixes to the program. The upgrade can be applied to any version of 6.2.0 or greater Back up your database and run the upgrade installer.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 841: Email Image Issue: It is not possible to add images to Email Bodies using Image Manager
  • Bug 885: List View Error: Exception error received when selecting blank column headings, i.e. Comments, Tasks, Attachments & Status
  • Bug 888: Manage End User: Default sort order is incorrect, currently reverse alphabetical – should be alphabetical
  • Bug 917: Business Rules: Business Rules were not implemented at all for Analysts only for End Users. So, if an Analyst logs a request the Business Rules would be ignored.
  • Bug 925: Form Design – Edit Only Issue: When user defined fields are added and Edit Only is used and analysts are selected from the Edit Analyst list then when opening another Select Analyst window on another page the following error occurs: “Item has already been added”.
  • Bug 756: iPhone Issue: Not possible to view Comments using an iPhone or Blackberry. New options now added to Comments Tab in Form Design to switch between HTML and Plain Text. This was originally thought fixed when specific code added to check for mobile devices.
  • Bug 943: List View Sort Order: When request list views are sorted by selecting the column headings the order is not retained once a request is opened or another function is selected. The order returns to the original sequence when it should remain as sorted until re-sorted. Default sort order should be newest request to oldest.
  • Bug 656: Email Comments Not Creating Requests: New issue on same bug where a number can precede the Request ID and number, i.e. 12334 Request ID 901 is assigned. A new request was created rather than a comment .
  • Bug 946: Request Form Date Fields: The calendar option against Date Fields on the Request Form is not working. On selecting the calendar nothing happens.
  • Bug 942: Restrict Classes Error: If you restrict the (Default) request class, you can no longer click the column headers on the home page list view to sort by.
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