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ServiceDesk v6.3.7 is a minor release of the product. This version introduces several bug fixes and new features to the program. The upgrade can be applied to any version of 6.2.0 or greater. Back up your database, stop the IIS Admin service, and run the upgrade installer lsd637_upgrade.exe. Once complete, the browser cache must be cleared for proper page display.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 23 - End User solutions menu does not provide a scroll bar if the solution is too long.
  • Bug 29 - Request is assigned notify end user email sent before email acknowledgement
  • Bug 31 - User Defined Date Fields do not function properly on Solutions Menu
  • Bug 34 - Failed to save data when saving forms that have had modified status list
  • Bug 35 - Auto assignment not working
  • Bug 37 - End Users are not receiving email notifications of comments when a ticket is commented on by an analyst via email
  • Bug 38 - RLV header column sort hangs in IE
  • Bug 41 - Cannot view RadEditor attachments in problem description in email notifications
  • Bug 44 - Task Types - need same functionality as Request Types
  • Bug 46 - Delete Button Missing For Email Keywords
  • Bug 47 - Embedded picture via IMAP not working
  • Bug 48 - Manage Analyst Import LDAP(Activ​e Directory) List
  • Bug 49 - LDAP Time Out
  • Bug 50 - ServiceDesk - Unable to search Requests by User Name for one Username only
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