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This version introduces an upgrade version as well as a full version. The upgrade version can be used to upgrade either 6.0, 6.1 or 6.2. Back up your database and run the upgrade installer.

New & Enhanced Features

  • Enh 696: Updated Tasks List View Grid, Removed underlines from Problem, Change, Task List views
  • Enh 894: Enhanced Asset Searching: More flexibility has been added to the Asset function by expanding the Search options and the Asset fields that can displayed in the list view.
  • Enh Default Group for Incoming Email & Site Assignment: New default Group option in Auto Assignment Options. When the Auto Assign end User Request is set to Skill Load Balancing Group and the Default Group is selected, then if it is not possible to auto assign to a Group, the Default Group will be used as follows. Incoming email - Auto Import Email Requests: When keywords are used and a match is not found the default Group will be used. The same applies if keywords are not used, i.e. a match will not be possible.
  • Enh Self Service Analytics Report: New report, specific customer requirement, to report on Solutions that users are accessing through the Self Service End User option. So the report shows Solutions and number of times they have been accessed reporting the highest number first or to sort by the number of times accessed. The report will be listed under Miscellaneous Reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 656: Improved Handling of Incoming Email to Identify Comments
  • Bug 696: When using I.E. the Problem, Change and End User Request List View grid border is being pushed too far to the right. This happens when you maximize the window on a wide screen monitor.
  • Bug 696: End User List View Error: On selecting one of the filter options such as “All Open Requests at my site” an exception error occurs.
  • Bug 756: iPhone / Blackberry Issue opening tabs
  • Bug 794: When the sys_assignedto field is added to the End User form the auto assignment does not work.
  • Bug 894: The Search Asset function can now specify variable User Defined Asset Data fields from AuditWizard. Currently the Search option allows you to select User Defined but does not show the AuditWizard User Defined fields. Now when the User Defined box is ticked you can now select a specific field. Also, if the field selected is a date then a date range can be entered.
  • Bug 37230: Cannot search requests with a number greater then 32,000. Specific customer database can be used to test against , details on Request 37230.
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