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This version introduces an upgrade version as well as a full version. The upgrade version can be used to upgrade either 6.0 or 6.1. Back up your database and run the upgrade installer.

New & Enhanced Features

  • Enh 654: A button has been added to the Search End User dialog so that a new End User may be added if not found in the database.
  • Enh 655: A new system field has been added to the request table (sys_request_lastupdate) which will automatically record the date and time of the last change/update to a request.
  • Enh 658: Alternative email method in Email Server Settings using Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) for users who are unable to use POP3 for incoming email.
  • Enh 682: A search function has been added to Manage End User.
  • Enh 711: A back button has been added to the Quick Action customization page.
  • Enh 712: On the incoming email page, the list of request types, comment, problem and change now all appear in one menu at the top of the page.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 643: Unable to use numbers or a hyphen when creating a priority.
  • Bug 645: End User logged out when opening Asset Quick Info dialog.
  • Bug 649: User-defined fields can't be added as read-only fields on forms.
  • Bug 651: If HTML is on and one tab is visible, you can't enter text in the Problem Description field.
  • Bug 659: Sample end-user import text file not included.
  • Bug 660: Unable to re-open a closed Problem.
  • Bug 661: "RadUploadModule" error on launch.
  • Bug 665: The checkboxes for the email notifications "Request has changed Priority (Notify End User)" and "Request is closed (Notify End User)" are inverted.
  • Bug 672: When creating a Solution from the Analyst Request form, the problem description field is not copied from the request.
  • Bug 673: ServiceDesk background process truncating a string when attempting to insert into the Mailin table.
  • Bug 674: When assigning an Analyst to a request, if the Analyst had a default Analyst Group the Analyst Group is not automatically populated on the request form.
  • Bug 675: If you search for an End User and it brings back the results, however they are not the results that you are looking for, if you then try and search again, when the new results are returned you are unable to select an end user.
  • Bug 676: Error when adding an attachment or comment on a new End User request and then navigating back to the request.
  • Bug 677: Impact and Urgency fields not displaying as drop down lists on the End User request form.
  • Bug 678: Asset User-Defined data categories not displaying.
  • Bug 680: When a standard Analyst selects the "Add New End user" option from the QuickAction menu, the Add New End User form is now displayed in the main menu instead of the Admin menu.
  • Bug 684: Removal of tabs from the End User request form prevents entry in the problem description field.
  • Bug 687: Adding additional sys_request_id fields to the request form produces an error. Users are now prevented from adding this field more than once.
  • Bug 688: Change Request Class function: Move & Leave Open and Move and Close options not working.
  • Bug 689: Auto Login does not work if the Analyst logs out and does not close the browser and then attempts to auto logon again.
  • Bug 690: Unable to change the value of the Trend field in a trend report.
  • Bug 700: Unable to purge a Request that had a call back reminder.
  • Bug 704: Update the text for the Libraries > Email Bodies to display as "Email Settings & Bodies"
  • Bug 705: When searching for a request or problem (Using the Search Request or Search Problem forms) there are duplicate Closed Statuses appearing in the Status drop-down list.
  • Bug 706: "ConverFontToSpanFilter" error when converting an email into a request.
  • Bug 707: Clicking the Back button on the Convert Email to Comment page displays a blank page.
  • Bug 708: Decimal fields displaying 4 decimal places instead of 2.
  • Bug 710: Missing tooltip for Admin Site Map icon in tab bar.
  • Bug 719: Loss of HTML formatting when converting an email into a request.
  • Bug 727: Unable to purge a request that has change approvals.
  • Bug 728: The attachments icon in the Change List View not displaying green exclamation mark to indicate the presence of attachments.
  • Bug 742: In rare instances, unable to upgrade HelpBox database.
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