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An incoming email request can be manually converted into a Request through the Email Pending Queue. Refer to Email Server Settings to configure the Incoming Email settings. If there are any incoming emails pending this will be indicated by the number of emails on the Incoming Email button in the top right of the menu Lsd btn incoming email02.png. Analyst access to the Email Pending queue can be turned on or off in Administration > Company Structure > Manage Analyst > ANALYST > Settings > Site Access > Analyst Incoming Mail Access.


Converting an Incoming Email into a Request

Click on the Incoming Email button Lsd btn incoming email.png to view a list of the pending emails.

Lsd email incoming01.png

To view an email and convert it into a Request (or Comment, Problem or Change) click on the link. The details of the email will then be displayed and if there is an End User that has a matching email address it will display the End User's information.

Lsd email incoming02.png

To convert the email into a Request, click the Convert to menu. Click the name of the Request Class that you want to create the Request under. This will then display the appropriate Analyst Request form with the End User details automatically populated and the email subject will be mapped to the problem summary field and the email body will be mapped to the problem description field. To complete the conversion, click the Save button Lsd btn save.png and this will save the request and delete the email from the Incoming Email Queue. If you cancel without saving this will take you back to the Incoming Email Queue and will not convert the email into a Request.

Converting an Incoming Email into a Comment

If the email is a comment, this will be apparent from the subject. The End User will rarely edit the subject line, and we use the number in the subject line to match it to an existing Request.

Lsd email incoming03.png

To process this email, choose the Request Comment, Problem Comment or Change Comment option in the Convert to menu.

Deleting an Incoming Email

To delete an email, click the Delete button Lsd delete 16px.png in the far right column, and confirm.

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