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The Setup Wizard automatically opens on first launch. It is recommended that you check the Do no show this wizard on startup checkbox, otherwise it will open every time you launch AuditWizard. It can be run at any time by clicking the Run Setup Wizard button in the ribbon in the Dashboard.

  1. Click Next to begin.

    Aw setup wiz 01.png

  2. Enter your company name and your name. These are used internally in AuditWizard and are not related to your registration details.

    Aw setup wiz 02.png

  3. It is a good idea to audit your own computer at this point so that there is some data to work with when the wizard is finished. Click the Audit My PC button.

    Aw setup wiz 03.png

  4. The audit will finish after a few seconds. Click Next.

    Aw setup wiz 04.png

  5. Click the Discover Assets button to discover the assets on the same network as this computer. This is a quick way to populate your database with asset names.

    Aw setup wiz 05.png

  6. The discovery will finish after a few seconds. Click Next.

    Aw setup wiz 06.png

  7. Enter your network share name in the format \\SERVER\SHARE in the Scanner Folder field, or click the browse button next to the field to browse for it.

    The default Minimum Re-audit Interval is 0 days. This means the Scanner will audit the computer every time it runs. You can change this if you want it to run less frequently.

    Click Next.
    Aw setup wiz 07.png

  8. Enter the details of the account to use with the AuditWizard Service, or Browse to find it. It should have these permissions. Click Next.

    Aw setup wiz 08.png

  9. Most users will use the Scanner method, even in conjunction with the Agent method. Click the Audit using my Network Login Script radio button. Click Next.

    Aw setup wiz 09.png

  10. Copy the appropriate line of code for either Windows or Novell and paste it into your login script on the server. Click Next.

    Aw setup wiz 10.png

  11. Click Finish to close the wizard.

    Aw setup wiz 11.png

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