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Before AuditWizard can be used fully it must be activated. If you do not activate AuditWizard, it will run in a limited, evaluation mode which will only allow you to audit a maximum of 10 computers. AuditWizard activation information will be sent via email after the new support contract is entered. If this is not available, please log in to your customer support page or contact your local sales department to retrieve your product key. Please check the Layton Technology website for contact details for your locality.


  1. Activating AuditWizard can be done either on first launch or by clicking the Info button Aw icon info.png within the product.
  2. Enter your Registered Company Name, Company ID, and Product Key. This information is provided in your AuditWizard Support Renewal email. Click the Register button to save and activate AuditWizard.

    Aw lic04.png

  3. Click OK to close the registration dialog.

    Aw lic05.png

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