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The Scanner is an executable file that is run by a client computer, usually over a network. It is invoked by adding a line to the login script that causes the client computer to run it on login. It runs, then stops and closes the connection to the file server. It is accompanied by a companion XML file that contains its settings.

Use Cases

  1. It does not require installation on the client either as an .exe or a service. This is the easiest method to configure because it requires no installation, but simply placement in a network share. Most useful for many computers on a local network. The .exe and/or its settings can be updated instantly by replacing the .exe and/or .xml files, which affects every computer on next login.
  2. It can be used in a similar fashion, with modification, to audit the computers in a workgroup.
  3. With modification, it can be used to audit individual computers not on the local network, like laptops.

Rebuilding the Scanner

It is a standard procedure to rebuild the scanner when AuditWizard is upgraded to a new version and the AuditScanner.exe has been upgraded as well. This will be noted in the Release Notes. To rebuild the scanner, follow these instructions.


Aw scanner.png


The Agent is configured in Administration > Auditing > AuditScanner Configuration.

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