Why AuditWizard?

Fifteen years ago AuditWizard revolutionized PC auditing, and since that time AuditWizard has been the market-leading network inventory product used by over 10,000 organizations worldwide; from small businesses to large corporations such as Pepsi, Heinz and Hilton Hotels.

AuditWizard has continually been revised, improved and upgraded to ensure that it remains the most superior product on the market. Our newest version allows you to audit whenever you need to, in real time, helping you to achieve better control and management of your business.

So what is AuditWizard? Put simply, AuditWizard is an easy to use network inventory application that provides comprehensive and accurate information about the IT assets on your network. It allows you to: effectively manage your IT budget, control and ensure security of your network, and more!

Your IT assets include everything from PC’s, laptops and servers, the software installed on them to all SNMP enabled devices such as network printers, routers, switches, hubs and more. Even removable media devices such as USB drives and mobile devices like blackberries are classed as IT assets that need to be accounted for.

Every minute of every day, AuditWizard network inventory software improves productivity and efficiency in workplaces around the world.   Let me give you some practical examples of how AuditWizard does this:

  • AuditWizard can reveal when upgrades and maintenance of your PC’s or software is due, aborting down time.
  • AuditWizard provides detailed information about your software, such as: version numbers, serial numbers and product keys, allowing you to manage software licenses and avoid hefty fines for non-compliancy.
  • AuditWizard produces customizable reports giving you vital snapshots of your IT assets, helping you to plan efficiently and effectively.
  • AuditWizard can audit SNMP enabled devices such as a network printers and reveal how much toner is left allowing you to adequately plan stock levels.
  • AuditWizard can save you valuable dollars by identifying software that is either over licensed or no longer being used.
  • AuditWizard grows with your business thanks to its robust and scalable database.

Why is AuditWizard the industry leader? Here are five reasons:

1. AuditWizard is easy to install and even easier to use.  We’ve done the hard work so that you can utilise its features efficiently and easily, rather than wasting time referring to a thick manual.  The information that AuditWizard produces is easy to view and is grouped logically, which means that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily, without having to run complex reports. It has a friendly user interface and the Menu functions are presented in a natural order.  See for yourself by checking out our quick video tutorials.

2. AuditWizard offers supreme value for money by offering you more for less, while never compromising on quality.

3. AuditWizard comes with outstanding customer support.  We have an ongoing commitment to meet your evolving needs while improving our product.

4. AuditWizard is a reliable and proven product from an established and reputable company.  AuditWizard does so much more than just perform accurate inventories of your software and hardware, it is a complete and comprehensive solution to help you manage the life cycle of your IT assets.

So download our free, 14 day trial today!  Within a minute AuditWizard will have audited your own PC, and in just a few extra minutes AuditWizard will undertake a comprehensive audit of the PC’s on your entire network.  It’s quick, there’s no risk and there’s no obligation.  Enjoy the benefits of AuditWizard network inventory software today – it’s your complete asset management solution.