AuditWizard Features

AuditWizard is a powerful Network Inventory solution packed with features to give you maximum flexibility how to audit your network.

Here are just some of the enhancements made to AuditWizard:

  • Enhanced User Interface to simplify the use of AuditWizard
  • Grouping of audited applications by their publisher
  • Upload or backup assets audited to a secure SFTP site
  • Remote auditing or agentless auditing via login script method
  • Powerful reporting including scheduling of reports
  • Detects and audits mobile and USB devices
  • Asset life cycle tools
  • Flexible tools to simplify licensing making it easy to hide, alias and filter applications or publishers.

Asset Management Data:

  • Asset Details – Category, Make, Version, Serial Number & Warranty Details, etc.
  • Location Details – Company, Site, Department, Room, etc.
  • User Details – Name, Telephone Number, etc.
  • Peripherals/Non PC Assets – Category, Make, Version, Serial Number & Warranty Details, etc.

Software Data:

  • Operating System – Name, Version, Serial Number
  • Scan Files types such as .* mp3, *.wav *.exe,*.sys,*.com etc.
  • Scan Registry Keys
  • Installed Applications
  • Knowledge Base Applications
  • Application Serial Numbers and Microsoft Product Keys.
  • Captured Files (e.g.*.bat,*.ini,*.sys)
  • Environment Strings

Hardware Data:

  • Motherboard – Processor, Types & Speed
  • Memory capacity, memory slots and configuration
  • Hard Disc capacities
  • BIOS – Manufacturer, Date & Version
  • Network – MAC Address, IP Address, Computer Name, NIC Name, Logon Client, Network Protocols, Logon User Name
  • Peripheral Data – Modem, Printer, Ports, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Graphics – Adapter Name, Default Monitor, Display Resolution and Color Depth
  • USB – Hub and connected devices

Internet Data (Internet Explorer 3 or greater):

  • Internet History (Date Stamped List of sites visited) – IE 6 and above currently supported.
  • Cookies received