AuditWizard Benefits

10 Benefits to your Business

There are many reasons why your company should implement an effective software asset management strategy. Aside from the statutory legal issues, businesses should also consider the costs savings and actual benefits your business will achieve from using a network inventory application.

These include:

  1. Reduce administration and support costs by only installing approved software and hardware
  2. Ensure that you are not over-paying for the software being used or paying for software that is no longer in use.
  3. Improve planning by knowing when software and hardware becomes obsolete and when it needs to be replaced or upgraded.
  4. Realize the potential tax benefits associated with forward purchasing of software and hardware prior to year end financials
  5. Eliminate the risk of unauthorized copying or distribution of software licenses that contravene your licensing agreements
  6. Ease the process of merger and acquisition by ensuring there is no software duplication and that you are not paying for more licenses than you need
  7. Lower the risks of being caught using illegal software
  8. Minimize the risks of viruses and Trojans entering your company via downloads of illegal or unapproved software.
  9. Prevent system crashes, hardware failure and improve your network PCs reliability by ensuring only approved hardware and software is used on your network.
  10. Centrally manage all your hardware and software requirements from a central database and maximize efficiency.

Running only approved hardware and software not only increases the quality and reliability of your PC network but more importantly helps keep it secure.

Download AuditWizard v8 network inventory software now for a complete software and hardware audit of your organization assets. All-in-all, AuditWizard v8 will save you more time and more money by enabling you to manage your IT requirements more easily.