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This is a full install only. An update patch will be made available with the next version.

It is possible to upgrade to this version from Layton ServiceDesk 6.0 without the update patch simply by uninstalling, reinstalling with the new version and connecting to your existing database. A new database tool in 6.1 guides you through the whole process.

New & Enhanced Features

New Features

  • HelpBox Database Upgrade: This version sees the introduction of the means to upgrade a database from HelpBox using the all-new Database Tool.
  • All-New Database Tool: We have replaced the old Database Administration tool with a completely redesigned application that can be used to do the following:
  • Change Request Types: Change Requests Types have been added to the Libraries section and can now be added to the Change Request form. Change Request Types are similar to Requests Types and are displayed in a tree structure. Change Request Types are used to help categorize the different types of Change Requests.
  • Change Request Type Approval Templates: This new feature allows you to create a Change Approval Template which is linked to a Change Request Type. This feature works in the same manner as the Request Type Task Templates. The Change Approval Template can contain a predefined list of approvers and can also include an approval workflow process. When a Change Request is logged that has a Change Request Type which contains a Change Approval Template, when you save the Change Request it will prompt you that there is an approval template and ask if you would like to apply it.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 615: When attempting to rename an analyst group, a new group is created instead of renaming the existing group.
  • Bug 616: When an End User selects an asset and saves the request, the asset appears in the Asset ID field on the Analyst Request form, not the Asset Name field.
  • Bug 617: Asset ID persists in Asset ID field when cancelled.
  • Bug 618: Manually entered value in the Asset ID field not saved to database.
  • Bug 619: Asset Location pop up displaying a duplicated tree structure.
  • Bug 620: Escalation reassignments to analyst groups not clearing the assigned-to analyst.
  • Bug 621: Call-back reminder pop-ups not displaying the Request/Problem/Change ID.
  • Bug 624: Incorrect icon in Import End User interface.
  • Bug 628: Company ID blank after specifying a default value in End User LDAP Import.
  • Bug 634: When closing a problem that has linked requests, dialog window is too small.
  • Bug 637: Creating a drop-down list without first creating an associated user-defined field breaks the saving of a request.
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