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New Features

Layton ServiceDesk v6 has been completely redeveloped from the ground up and written in the latest ASP.NET language and utilizes many web 2.0 features such as AJAX for a rich user experience. Every module and feature has been carefully designed before being implemented. Layton ServiceDesk v6 has also been redesigned based on direct customer feedback ensuring the product meets their strictest help desk requirements. From installation to configuration through to operation, the whole application is now easier to use, faster and slicker than ever before. There are fewer clicks and a much more logical layout enabling anyone to become a help desk pro in no time at all.

Here is a just a sample of some of the great new features coming soon.

New User Interface

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A brand new user interface has been designed to be much more intuitive, requiring fewer clicks to navigate and perform common tasks. A new tabbed menu maximizes screen space whilst giving you immediate access to the most used controls. Menus items have been reorganized and grouped into a much more logical workflow.

Reliability & Performance


Performance and reliability are unparalleled throughout the whole application. Layton ServiceDesk v6 has been redeveloped from the ground up and written in the latest ASP.NET and utilizes AJAX for a rich user experience.

Fort Knox Security


Since Layton ServiceDesk v6 is a web-based help desk solution, security is paramount. For complete peace of mind Layton ServiceDesk v6 has many new security measures to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

New ITIL Features


Dedicated Problem and Change Management functions. With the addition of these two new functions Layton ServiceDesk will be a complete ITIL help desk solution. The Problem and Change forms will have standard system fields, however, as with most Layton ServiceDesk forms you have the luxury to be able modify the layout and add any number of user defined fields as may be required.

All-New Calendar and Scheduling


The all-new Calendar gives you the ability to see your assigned tasks, call back reminders and appointments in daily, weekly or monthly views. The multiple resource view easily allows you to see the schedule information for multiple Analysts.

New Dashboard


A new drillable dashboard with graphs and charts enables you to see at glance all your key service desk data. Interchangeable charts so you can choose which data to view and clicking on any chart will drill down into the data. Quick links and short cuts takes you to your most important data in a single click.

Full Customizable Drag and Drop Form Design


Layton ServiceDesk v6 has not lost any of its unique customizability features; in fact we’ve added even more customizability such as colour pickers, easy uploading and browsing of images and all new themes, so you can choose from one of our many out of the box colour themes that best suits your corporate image.

Web Services


Web service enables you to connect to any external database such as AuditWizard Network Inventory software. No more databridges, just point to your database and connect, it’s as simple as that. In addition, you can connect to multiple active directories.

Recurring Tasks


This facility will allow for the scheduling of recurring tasks which will be automatically created and assigned at the specified intervals. This is a very useful feature for routine maintenance tasks.

New Solution Base


An all new solution base enables you to categorize your knowledge base into a logical tree order for easier viewing with the addition of a quick search option.

Redesigned Email Integration


Email integration has been completely redesigned for seamless integration with your exchange server with unmatched reliability and ease of use. Integrate with Exchange 2003, 2008 and even 2010 utilizing POP3 and SMTP.

New Reporting


All brand-new reporting engine with graphs and charts. Customisable reports, schedule reports and much more!

Smart Filters


New smart filters are used throughout the application on nearly all grid views so you can quickly filter and sort your data with just a click. Drag and drop columns in any order or even add and remove columns as you need.

Costing Module


The new costing module will provide you with the ability to manually add charges related to the requests, problems and changes. You will be able to add multiple labour and item charges to a single transaction.



Make your comments pop with new WYSIWYG Editors for all forms. You can choose to enable or disable as required.

Multi-Browser Support


You can now use Layton ServiceDesk v6 and all the administration features such as Drag-and-Drop using any of the major browsers.

The above features are a few highlights and just a start of what you can expect to see soon in Layton ServiceDesk v6. We are working hard to bring you the best a help desk can offer. We are really excited about the all new Layton ServiceDesk v6 web based help desk software. No other help desk solution can offer the customizability, flexibility and features Layton ServiceDesk gives you at a surprisingly low cost.

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