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A Change Status identifies the stage or status of a Change. There are two statuses, Continue, which means open, in progress, not yet completed, and Completed, which signifies that the Change has been concluded.

For more descriptive Change Statuses based on these two states, we provide the mechanism to create appropriate names such as Completed, Failed,Reviewing, Testing, In Progress, Cancelled, or .

Lsd change status01.png

Adding a New Change Status

Click the Add button Lsd btn plus.png. The Add Status dialog will open.

Lsd change status02.png

Setting Description
Status The descriptive name of the status that will be visible in the interface.
On Status The actual status
Status Color The color that will be applied to the Change in Change List View.

The default Status for all Changes is set to Open but can be changed in Administration > General Settings > Change Settings and set the Default Status. Once a Change is recorded you can change the Change Status by clicking the Change Status Button Lsd btn chg status small.png on any of the Change List Views or clicking the Change Status Button Lsd btn chg status lg.png on the Change form.

Deleting a Change Status

Click the Delete button Lsd delete 16px.png next to the Change Status you wish to delete.

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