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Problem Statuses are used to identify the stage or status of a problem. Typical Problem Statuses would include Open, Closed, Pending Change, Known Error or Resolved. Problem Statuses are user defined and can be created in Administration > Libraries > Problem Statuses.

To add or delete select the appropriate action and to modify simply select the Problem Status and rename as required. You may also set the Suspend flag on a status that allows you to make that status freeze the escalation process.

Note: You cannot delete the Open or Closed statuses.

The default status for all Problems is set to Open but can be changed in Administration > General Settings > Problem Settings and set the Default Status. Once a Problem is recorded you can change the Problem Status by using the Change Status icon on any of the Problem List Views or from the “Change Status” icon on the Problem form.

You can also edit specific properties of the status (other than the Closedstatus), properties such as forcing the status color and choosing the color to force. The Force status color option is useful for when a Problem is put on hold and changing the default color to something other than white, to easily identify from the home screen list views which Problems are on hold.

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