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ServiceDesk v6.5.7 is a minor release of the product. You must be using ServiceDesk v6.2.0 or later before you can upgrade to the latest version. If you are using an earlier version please upgrade by downloading v6.2.0 from the Update > Layton ServiceDesk menu in the Client Support Portal before attempting to upgrade to the latest version.

Obtaining the Update

Please log in to the Client Support Portal to download the upgrade installer.


Do not uninstall Layton ServiceDesk prior to upgrading. This is an update, not a full installer.

  1. Extract the lsd657_upgrade folder from the archive
  2. Back up your database
  3. Stop the IIS Admin service
  4. Stop the LaytonServiceDesk service
  5. Run the upgrade installer lsd657_upgrade.exe inside the lsd657_upgrade folder. We recommend that you right-click the installer and select Run as administrator to avoid permission issues.

New Features

# Title Description
217 Add Search to Manage Site

Add Site Filter to Top of Manage End User List View

You can now search for Sites on the Manage Site page.

You can now filter on Site.

218 Apply Bulk Actions to Selected End Users You can now select a number of End Users and change the Company and Site for all of them in one action.
220 Specify the Default Analyst to Be Used for Automatic Closure of Requests You can specify which Analyst you want to be assigned when a Request is automatically closed. For example, you could set this to admin rather than the assigned Analyst, because that Analyst did not close the Request.

Bug Fixes

# Title Description
300 Broken Incoming Mail Icon When the number of incoming emails in the queue exceeded 50, the icon was broken. Now it will display a 50+ badge Lsd btn email 50plus 24px.png to indicate more than 50 emails are in the queue.
302 Priority Menu Not Sorted Correctly List of Priorities was being sorted by description, not title.
338 Change Approvers Do Not Appear in the Change History When adding a CAB member or CAB group to a Change, this did not appear in the history.
342 Column (No Company) in Report In the Request Statistics by Company report, a number of Requests appeared against the Company (No Company), despite the associated End Users having an assigned Company.
343 Clicking Group Queue Yields No Results If a Group name had an ampersand & in the name, clicking the number of Unassigned Requests on the Group Queues page would give an empty list. The problem was because of the ampersand.
344 Cannot Set Second Task to "Complete" After Enabling Request Class Option "Close Request When Tasks Complete" There is an option in the Properties for a Request Class, Close Request When Tasks Complete, that is intended to close a Request once all Tasks have been marked as complete. This bug prevented the second Task from being marked as Complete, causing a broken page.
347 admin.sys_admin_value Column Length too Short, Causing PDF Reports Not to Be Saved The length of a column in the admin table was too short, truncating the path used in saving a PDF, thus it wasn't being saved.
349 Custom Report Not Returning Analyst Details Adding user.sys_forename, user_surname and user-defined fields to a custom report did not return any data for those columns.
354 Setting to Disable Analyst Groups is Broken Disabling an Analyst Group in Manage Analyst Groups did not prevent it from appearing in Analyst Group selection dialogs.
362 Where Companies Have the Same Site Name, End User Site Changes to First Company/Site Combination If both Company A and Company B have a Site called Site, and the End User is assigned to Company B/Site, Company A/Site will be written to the End User record instead.
364 Setting Request Assignment to Take Only Prevents Analysts from Specifying Assigned To Search Criterion Analysts who had Request Assignment set to Take Only were unable to enter an Analyst into the Assigned To field in the Search Requests page.
366 After Manually Converting Email to Request, Unable to Convert Subsequent Emails Some users found that after upgrading to 6.5.3, they could only convert one email unless they closed the browser and logged in again.
372 Block Survey Option Not Blocking Surveys Despite the Block Survey option being enabled in an End User's Properties, they received surveys.
1379 404 Error When Opening End User Attachment from Analyst Request Form An End User would attach a file and the page would break when an Analyst tried to open it.
1380 Imported Flat File Not Showing Enough Information Improved error reporting in Import End User .CSV .TXT feature.
1381 Information from Parent Request Not Copied to Spawned Request When a spawned Request was created, information in the various fields was not being copied from the source Request.
1383 Read-Only Fields Only Appear After Saving Request Any of the following fields added to the Analyst Request form as read-only fields will now be populated as soon as an End User is selected:
  • euser.sys_surname
  • euser.sys_forename
  • euser.sys_eclient_id (Department)
  • euser.sys_phone
  • euser.sys_email
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