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ServiceDesk v6.5.6 is a minor release of the product. The upgrade may be applied to any version of 6.2.0 or later.

Please log in to the Client Support Portal to download the upgrade installer. To install the upgrade, first extract all files from the archive, back up your database, stop the IIS Admin service, stop the LaytonServiceDesk service, and finally, run the upgrade installer lsd656_upgrade.exe. We recommend that you right-click the installer and select Run as administrator to avoid permission issues.

New Features

  • 183 Regional settings - display local date & time

Bug Fixes

  • 179 Default Group for Email Auto Assignment not assigning a default group
  • 301 Monthly and Weekly Reports Showing No Data
  • 316 Request Timed Out when exporting report to PDF
  • 321 End user selector in request form only shows 34 pages
  • 324 Third instance of request type field (sys_requesttype_id) not obeying field required setting
  • 325 Field required prompt references the first request type field (sys_requesttype_id) instead of the second request type field.
  • 329 Request, problem, change attachment file name truncated after first space
  • 331 Request date (sys_requestdate) read-only field prevents saving analyst requests
  • 333 Request solution(sys_solutiondesc) overwritten by empty Automatic Closure solution
  • 339 404 error in solutions pop-up
  • 341 Priority missing in end user problem form
  • 351 Search Change form sys_change_requesttype field missing selector arrow or drop-down list
  • 352 Request duration and Priority due date calculated wrong if server time and local time are different, and current server time is not within default working hours
  • 353 Request template priority is overwritten by default priority after saving request
  • 355 Exception Error in Report "Trend of Requests Logged - Hourly", with sys_requestdate Filter
  • 357 Request form cursor shifts to opened by field
  • 358 Company and site data not displayed if ampersand or plus in company name
  • 361 Retain rows per page in Manage End User and Manage Site
  • 362 End user sys_siteid changes to the first site in the site table with a matching site in the company/site sys_siteid
  • 363 Search Site Not Working
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