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ServiceDesk v6.5.3 is a minor release of the product. The upgrade may be applied to any version of 6.2.0 or later.

Please log in to the Client Support Portal to download the upgrade installer. To install the upgrade, first extract all files from the archive, back up your database, stop the IIS Admin service, stop the LaytonServiceDesk service, and finally, run the upgrade installer lsd653_upgrade.exe. We recommend that you right-click the installer and select Run as administrator to avoid permission issues.

New Features

  • 206 Link Documents to Sites

Bug Fixes

  • 102 Duplicate records created - multiple write commits sent to database
  • 222 Cannot Purge Closed Requests due to foreign key constraint
  • 305 Search Problems form has no end user selector arrow
  • 306 Request has Comment assigned from End User (Notify Analyst) sent to all analysts in request's assigned analyst group when analyst creates comment
  • 307 Duplicate comment email notifications sent to additional analysts
  • 308 Problem comment notifications missing in Email Settings & Bodies
  • 311 Field required settings not requiring fields
  • 314 End user quick info pop-up window is smaller than page content
  • 317 Large number of sites causes delayed load of site picker pop-up
  • 320 Repeating error in log file due to missing message ID parameter on email import
  • 322 Closed spawned requests loading in normal request form
  • 323 Child request type drop-down menus fail to drop-down
  • 326 End User login times out after cancelling Change Request
  • 327 Problem description field always required
  • 340 End user quick info pop-up delayed loading large request table
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