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ServiceDesk v6.4.6.1 is a minor release of the product. The upgrade may be applied to any version of 6.2.0 or later.

Please log in to the Client Support Portal to download the upgrade installer. To install the upgrade, first extract all files from the archive, back up your database, stop the IIS Admin service, stop the LaytonServiceDesk service, and finally run the upgrade installer lsd6461_upgrade.exe.

New Features

  • 112 Added Exchange 2003 compatibility to Analyst Availability - Approval Process with Outlook Interface
  • 147 New search option in Analyst selection dialogs

Bug Fixes

  • 205 Notify Additional contact removed from list after comment is saved
  • 210 Incoming email attachments on Change comment applied to a Request ID matching the Change ID
  • 219 End user home page not rendered after Chrome log in
  • 228 Request Type setting assign to specified does not assign
  • 230 Restrict request classes not properly applying on reassignment of existing requests
  • 231 Assigned to field value cleared when opening existing request
  • 232 Disabled analysts appear in assigned to list
  • 234 Cannot find table 0 error when site filters are selected and dbo.euser.sys_forename or dbo.euser.sys_surname are on the RLV
  • 236 Outgoing email stops sending. Exception in SendOutEmail. Detail:Could not find file
  • 240 Problem List View - Adding field causes bug
  • 242 Incorrect URL on email body for Absence request
  • 245 Analyst field cleared after setting request type
  • 247 Searching by Change Type not allowed
  • 248 End users cannot select all sites
  • 253 Cannot assign End User if Usual Site has an apostrophe '
  • 255 Cannot assign End User if username has an apostrophe '
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