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This section focuses on how the End User will use Layton ServiceDesk to log and monitor their own Requests. If End Users are not to be given access to the system, then the Login page can be modified to remove End User login and Registration links.

Layton ServiceDesk also offers NTLM Auto Logon (single sign-on) which will authenticate by the currently logged in domain username and automatically log them into the ServiceDesk without having to enter their credentials.


The default Layton ServiceDesk login page

Click the Login End User button and enter the End User name and password.

End User Self-Registration

If you are using the system for the first time and the Register End User option is displayed, you can immediately register as a user by selecting that button. Complete the registration details as defined and click the Save button Lsd btn save.png.

End User Self Registration



The setting for this button is Administration > General Settings > Security > Global End User Security > End User Home Screen.

Search Request

End Users can search for specific Request IDs or a date or date range.

Self Service

This is the End User's interface to the Solution Base.

For the Self Service option to be available for End Users, it must be enabled in Admin > General Settings > Security > Global End User Security > Allow End User Self Service.

On creation, new solutions will only be visible to Analysts. The Self Service field in the Analyst's interface is used to determine whether the solution will be available to End Users via the Self Service menu.


If the Survey feature is used, any surveys assigned to the End User will appear here.

My Detail

Clicking the My Detail button in the menu loads the My Details page. The End User can change any of these details themselves, with the exception of End Username.

Lsd euser menu my detail.png

My Password

If Administration > General Settings > Security > Global End User Security > Allow End User Change Password is enabled, the End User can change their own password by clicking the My Password button.

Lsd euser menu my password.png

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List View

When accessing Layton ServiceDesk as an End User you will be presented with the Menu structure at the top of the screen with your default home screen or list view set to My Open Requests or the view as defined by the system administrator. The Menu structure is a "cut down" version of the normal Analyst ServiceDesk Menu. The format and content of the screens or pages will have been previously defined in Form Design > End User Request and Global List View > End User Request.

Admin Note - The Global End User Security settings which determine which menu items will be available to the End User as well as the default End User Home Screen View can be found in Global End User Security.

End User Request List View

Any Menu item can be selected at any time but when creating or editing data unless the “Save” icon or button (if available) is selected then details entered will not be saved. The Menu will contain the following items:

End User Menu Items

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