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The purpose of Brands is for situations where Layton ServiceDesk will be used in an environment supporting multiple external customers. For example, as you learn to customize Layton ServiceDesk, you will see you can also customize the Banners and Admin Banners with a different logo or text. Typically, the new logo will be that of the customer who is logging into the system.

When adding a Brand name, which is the identifier, a Description is required. It is recommended to keep the name short and simple but clear enough to know what it is for. For example, creating a brand called Microsoft or MS, and description of Microsoft Brand and then saving will allow you to use the form design to make further changes to the Brand. If you go to Administration > Form Design > Banner, you will see there are choices for the different Brands. The default is the one provided by the system, where the new one will allow you to customize the banner image, or text to show that of Microsoft's in this example.

Once a Brand has been defined you can provide the users with this Brand a specific URL address to log into Layton ServiceDesk and this will then display their own personalized Banner. For example, using the MS Brand used above the login URL would be:


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