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ServiceDesk v6.6.9 is a minor release of the product. You must be using ServiceDesk v6.2.0 or later before you can upgrade to the latest version. If you are using an earlier version please upgrade by downloading v6.2.0 from the Update ➤ Layton ServiceDesk menu in the Client Support Portal before attempting to upgrade to the latest version.

Latest Current Version

This is not the latest current version.


Determining the Currently Installed Version

Please refer to this article to determine the currently installed version.

Obtaining the Update

Please log in to the Client Support Portal to download the upgrade installer.

Test Installation

We recommend that you create a Test Installation and upgrade it before committing to updating your live system.


Do not uninstall Layton ServiceDesk prior to upgrading. This is an update, not a full installer.

  1. Extract the lsd669_upgrade folder from the archive to the root of an attached, local drive.
  2. Back up your database
  3. In Windows Services Console:
    1. Stop the IIS Admin service
    2. Stop the LaytonServiceDesk service
  4. Open the lsd669_upgrade folder.
  5. Disable anti-virus software on the server, if running. This has been known to prevent the copying of files, especially .exe files, to the Program Files folder.
  6. Right-click the installer lsd669_upgrade.exe and select Run as administrator. This will avoid permission issues.
  7. In Windows Services Console, start the IIS Admin and LaytonServiceDesk services.
  8. Enable anti-virus software, if applicable.

Bug Fixes

# Title Description
66762 Search Request Location Field Entry Returns All Records With the request.sys_asset_location field added to the Search Requests form, searching for a location would not filter the results and would return all Requests.
66762 Select, Info Buttons Missing for Asset Field on Search Request Form In Administration > System Settings > AuditWizard, if Asset Tab Enabled was Off, the Select Lsd btn select 16px.png and Info buttons Lsd btn info 16px.png would not appear next to the Asset field on the Search Requests form.
66939 Save, Search Buttons Conditionally Not Working Two issues resolved:
1. Under certain circumstances, an End User would be unable to save a New Request form
2. Nothing would happen when an Analyst searching for Requests after a specified date clicked the Search button Lsd btn search 32px.png.
67018 Page Breaks Two page breaks resolved:
1. Search for an End User. In the results List View, change the value of Rows Per Page
2. Click Site column header to sort by date created, ascending, click again to sort, descending.
67035 Increase Character Count of directory.sys_base_dn Column The character length of this column, which stores a base DN for the OU field LDAP setting, was too short, preventing a long connection string.
67037 Increase Character Count of priority.sys_respondemail Column The character length of this column, which stores email addresses for the Response Time > Email to Priority setting, was too short, preventing more than one email address from being entered.

Released 2017-05-17

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