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ServiceDesk v6.3.9 is a minor release of the product. This version introduces several bug fixes and new features to the program. The upgrade may be applied to any version of 6.2.0 or later.

Extract all files from the archive, back up your database, stop the IIS Admin service, stop the LaytonServiceDesk service, and run the upgrade installer lsd639_upgrade.exe.

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 6 Attaching files forces logout
  • Bug 85 Line breaks lost after saving requests that have been imported from email
  • Bug 94 Analyst group not taking Default group setting
  • Bug 131 If dropdown field is set to "Field Required," you cannot have the dropdown start as a blank.
  • Bug 138 Email notifications not sent from existing comments
  • Bug 139 No results when searching for requests by sys_company_id
  • Bug 141 Cannot save requests when Display Company Separately = On
  • Bug 148 External recipient comment email notification response does not auto-populate the RID when converting to request comment
  • Bug 149 Task form field option Field Required at Close does not work
  • Bug 152 Priority allow escalation edit pop-up button to set times redirects to home screen
  • Bug 154 Task status icon is broken in task form
  • Bug 159 Request settings default priority takes precedence over the request type priority
  • Bug 160 Exception in SendOutEmail. Detail:Could not find file
  • Bug 161 Business rule does not apply Request Status
  • Bug 167 End user login has timed out after submitting request via NTLM auto-login direct link to new request form
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