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SQL Server Settings


On launch, the following error is observed:

   Cannot open database "LaytonServiceDesk" requested by the login. The login failed.
   Login failed for user 'LaytonUser1'.


  1. Open Windows Services Console and ensure that the SQL Server service is running.
  2. On the Layton ServiceDesk server, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Layton Technology\Layton ServiceDesk\HB_Data\ConfigXML.
  3. Open config.xml in Notepad.
  4. Look for the string <appdbuid label="User ID (Blank = NT Trusted)">. The string in the <appbuid> tag is the name of the account that is configured to access the Layton ServiceDesk database ("THE database user"). By default, this is LaytonUser1.
  5. Launch Management Studio and log in as the database user. Can you log in?
  6. If you can't log in to Management Studio, log in as the admin user sa.
  7. Check Properties of the database user.

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