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When .ERROR is appended to the ADF file name, this typically means that the account under which the AuditWizard service is running does not have permissions to access the database.


  1. In AuditWizard, go to Administration > General > AuditWizard Services.

    Aw admin gen aw svcs.png

  2. Click the Service Control button. The following dialog will be displayed:

    Aw admin gen aw svc ctrl.png

  3. Note the account in the Username field being used to run the service.
  4. Alternatively, if you can't launch AuditWizard, open the Services console and get Properties on the AuditWizardService service. Click the Log On tab to view the account setting:

    Aw awsvc prop.png

  5. Launch SQL Server Management Studio.
  6. Expand Server > Databases > AuditWizard > Security > Users.
  7. If the service account is not present, add it. If it is present, right-click it and select Properties.

    Aw db role memship01.png

  8. Click the Owned Schemas page and ensure that db_owner is checked.

    Aw db role memship02.png

  9. Click the Membership page and ensure that db_owner is checked.

    Aw db role memship03.png

  10. The .ERROR files can be renamed to .ADF files and uploaded.

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