Powerful Customization

Layton ServiceDesk Provides Powerful Customization Features.

Other products claim to be customizable but are they really fully customizable?

It is important your help desk software is fully configurable so you can create the most effecient service desk to acheive maximum productivity from your users, whether they are your clients, support analysts or end users.

Layton ServiceDesk allows you to design the whole application to suite your needs exactly. You can match your corporate look and feel, add or remove fields, add images, change colors, insert custom fields, icons and so much more. You can move fields, icons, and images to any position on the page, to where ever you want, completely unrestricted!

Layton ServiceDesk’s flexibility enables you to streamline your support processes so you deliver highly focused help desk support.

Key Benefits

  • Position a field or image anywhere on the page
  • Drag and drop customization
  • Re-branding supported
  • Add or remove fields, including custom database fields
  • Customize work flows and business processes
  • Individual customizable settings for analysts
  • Create forms that work for you, down to the minutest detail
  • Change colors, logos, icons and more

Deliver Support with Pin Point Accuracy

You can even turn features on or off according to your requirements, for example, switching off Problem or Change under the administration settings, will remove the feature from being displayed to your users in the main application, so you only display the functionality you are actually using.

These unique features enables you deliver support with pin point accuracy. You won’t over complicate screens with functions that are never used - that not only adds complication and clutter to your help desk, which ultimately results in wasted time and increased costs for you.

Powerful Form Design Features


When it comes to customizability, Layton ServiceDesk software gives you the tools you need to tailor the system to your exact requirements.