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If you should want to export the request data, a query has been written to reorder the columns and name them. The housekeeping columns have been excluded. Feel free to modify the query to include or exclude any undesired columns.

The rest of the data in the database is probably not important in an export. Analysts and End Users already exist in Active Directory and most of the other tables relate to Layton ServiceDesk only, like lists of Request Classes and Request Types for use in the system. Being that the data is in SQL Server, other exports are possible. This procedure concentrates on the most likely desired data.

Any referenced files such as attached documents and images will be preserved with this procedure.


  1. Back up your database. It would be wise to do this procedure on a copy of your database.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Layton Technology\Layton ServiceDesk\HB_Data\.
  3. Move the following folders elsewhere as a backup:
    • ChangeAttach
    • EmailBodies
    • MailIn
    • MailInlineImage
    • ProblemAttach
    • RequestAttach
  4. Download the SQL query.
  5. In Management Studio, open LSD Export Requests.sql.
  6. Execute the query. This will output the results to a grid.

From this point, you can do various operations to extract the data. The simplest is to right-click the grid and select Save Results As..., then save as a CSV file. The specifics of what can be done at this point are beyond the scope of this article.

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