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On launch, the following Layton ServiceDesk error appears:

   The Evaluation Period of the system has Expired. Please contact Customer Support for an extension key or click here to enter it.
   If you have purchased a copy of Layton ServiceDesk, please click here to register the software.
   You will need your Registered Company Name, Registered Company ID and Activation Key.

If you try to register with your license key, the following error appears:

   Cannot register because the number(28) of Analyst exceeds the number(27) allowed in the license.
   Please try again after delete some Analyst accounts.

This error occurs where an Analyst account is created, making the count of enabled Analysts greater than the number of Analyst licenses. Once logged out, Analysts can't log in again.


Because you can't log in, you can't delete or disable any Analysts. The fix is to disable an Analyst account in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

1. Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Run the following query on the user table to get a list of Analyst usernames:

   SELECT  sys_username AS "Analyst Username"
           ,sys_forename + ' ' + sys_surname AS "Analyst Name"
   FROM    [user]

3. From the results, find an exact username and replace ENTERANALYSTUSERNAME in the following query with it, then run it:

   DECLARE  @Username AS NVARCHAR(50)
   UPDATE   [user]
   SET      sys_disabled = 1
   WHERE    sys_username = @Username

4. Try to log in again. If you get the same error, repeat these steps until you can.

Obtaining More Licenses

If this was not caused by an errant LDAP import, it's possible that more Analyst licenses are required. If so, please contact [email protected]

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