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Special Configuration

Allow End Users to View Associated Changes

Analysts can assign End Users to Changes, which End Users can then view in the End User portal. This is for the purpose of viewing the progress of Changes. Note that End Users cannot approve Changes. This is effectively read-only. If you require a user to approve Changes, they will have to have an Analyst account.


The feature is not configured by default. This procedure will configure the feature.

  1. Go to Administration > General Settings > Security > Global End User Security. Set Enable End User View Change to On.
  2. Go to Administration > Form Design > Change. From the Toolbar, select to add a new System Field, then add the sys_eusername field to the form. This will give the Analyst the ability to associate new and existing changes with a specific End User.

Enable end user view change faq add syseusername to form.png


The Analyst associates a Change with a specific End User. End Users will have a new menu option: View Changes. Clicking this button displays the list of associated Changes. Clicking a Change opens the Change form and allows the End User to read the contents but not to modify them.

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