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Run the 8.3 update on the computer where you have AuditWizard installed and follow the prompts. Once the update is completed, if you are upgrading from 8.1.6 or earlier, you must rebuild and re-deploy the Scanner and Agent (if you are using it) as they have been updated.


  • You must be using AuditWizard v8.1.0 or higher to upgrade using the update executable patch. If you are running an earlier version of AuditWizard please contact your local Layton Technology office to obtain the necessary upgrade instructions from earlier versions.
  • Do not uninstall AuditWizard prior to upgrading.
  • To download the patch, you can log into the customer support area on our website.

New & Enhanced Features

  • Enh 60: Report Titles: When exporting to Excel, the name of the report is now suggested as the filename and the worksheet name in the Excel file is named after the report name.
  • Enh 147: Publisher Edit/Delete: New contextual-menu options to delete a publisher or edit its name.
  • Enh 418: Export Dashboard Drilldown Data to XLS: After drilling down through graphs to a grid view, you can now export that data to Excel. Previously, a report would have to be created to achieve this.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 110: Licences Not Recognised on Upgrade from Demo to Paid
  • Bug 218: Exception Handling when connecting to a Database that has been Deleted
  • Bug 264: Display Bug Prevents Expansion of Locations
  • Bug 269: TCP/IP Discovery memory error when large address range specified: Memory leak fixed when a large IP-address range is being used.
  • Bug 328: Set License Type for Multiple Applications at Once
  • Bug 332: Exception on Entering Share Name in Setup Wizard: This occurred if the permissions on the share were not correct.
  • Bug 361: Duplicate assets in v8.1 compact database: Minor issue related to certain databases migrated from v7.
  • Bug 389: Change Email Sent Notification: Instead of a dialog, this notification is now a background one that doesn't require interaction.
  • Bug 390: Email Report Inaccurate: Clarification of terms and checking of mathematics.
  • Bug 406: Error when creating an alert with a / in name: Illegal characters are now disallowed, with warning dialog.
  • Bug 431: Exception on Exporting Report to Excel with Large Number of Columns: There is an built-in limit imposed by Excel on the number of rows (~65000) and columns (256) in any sheet. Code has been added to handle this and inform the user of the limitation. In a future version, we will provide a CSV option for very large data sets.
  • Bug 433: Deploy Error: Could Not Find a Part of the Path 'AuditAgent\AuditAgent.xml'
  • Bug 442: Bug in "Enable Security within AuditWizard" Feature: This prevented users logging in after enabling security.
  • Bug 444: Drive Letter String Variants Breaking Reports: Audits contain references to "C:" and "C:\". This creates two variants to select from in Custom reports. We have now standardised on "C:\".
  • Bug 468: Application Compliance Reports not including apps with licenses but with 0 installs: If an application for which there is a licence is uninstalled, it would not appear in this report.
  • Bug 471: Licence Count Incorrect on Dashboard: This occurred when a licence was changed, e.g. going from 50 to 100 licences. The Dashboard sidebar was not refreshed. This now occurs when the registration dialog closes.
  • Bug 491: Mouse Cursor is Hourglass Instead of Pointer on Login Screen
  • Bug 515: Ignored Applications Appearing in Custom Report: Ignored applications were not being filtered out.
  • Bug 526: Dashboard Server Disk Space Display Bug
  • Bug 527: Service Can't Find .ADF File in C:\Program Files\AuditWizard v8\: AuditWizard would lose track of a path. This is now specified rather than relative.
  • Bug 537: Save Button Bug in Custom Report: Button now not clickable unless a change has been made.
  • Bug 539: SNMP Network Discovery Tallies Incorrect
  • Bug 550: Exception When Selecting a Category without Associated Asset Type: In Network View, Basic Information tab, choosing an asset category that contained no asset types would cause an exception.
  • Bug 566: Add Disposed Assets to Asset Status Report: This report is about the only one that validly includes disposed assets, as this is a status.
  • Bug 595: SNMP Discovery Overwrites Manually Entered Data: If you modified the data for an SNMP-discovered asset like a router in Network View: Basic Information, it would be replaced by data returned in a subsequent SNMP discovery, despite unchecking the "Overwrite" checkbox.
  • Bug 597: "Applications By Asset" Report Not Filtering Ignored Applications: Unchecking the "View Ignored Applications" filter and rerunning the report would not exclude the ignored applications.
  • Bug 605: Location Bug in Report Scheduler: Specified locations for a scheduled report were lost or different after saving the schedule.
  • Bug 606: Asset Tag not available for selection in custom reports: The field "Asset Tag" has been added to the options in Custom Report.
  • Bug 608: Close-Tab Bug: Closing a report that contains graph and grid panes would leave the grid. Now it closes the whole report.
  • Bug 609: Location & Domain Header Name Changed: If the top-level name for locations or domains were changed, this would not propagate down through all the records in the LOCATIONS and DOMAINS tables.
  • Bug 623: Ignore Applications By Right-Clicking a Publisher Does Not Ignore
  • Bug 629: Tagging System for Applications: Workaround: Initial work in the development of a sophisticated tagging system has begun with a workaround using user-defined fields as "tags".
  • Bug 635: Overall Software Compliance Pane, Not Defined Data Set Not Sorted: In the Dashboard, the data set for "Not Defined" is now sorted.
  • Bug 636: Notification Truncated in AuditScanner Configuration: Display bug prevented all of a notification message from being displayed.
  • Bug 648: "Applies to" Filter in User-Defined Category Properties Ignored in Network View: Bug in the categories to which a user-defined field applies.
  • Bug 666: Alert statistics incorrect on dashboard
  • Bug 698 Can't Choose "Installed"/"Not Installed" for Application in Compliance Report

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