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Run the 8.2 update on the computer where you have AuditWizard installed and follow the prompts. Once the update is completed you must rebuild and re-deploy the Scanner and Agent (if you are using it) as they have been updated.


  • You must be using AuditWizard v8.1.0 or higher to upgrade using the update executable patch. If you are running an earlier version of AuditWizard please contact your local Layton Technology office to obtain the necessary upgrade instructions from earlier versions.
  • Do not uninstall AuditWizard prior to upgrading.
  • To download the patch, you can log into the customer support area on our website.
  • We are no longer using a three-part version number as a usual practice. We will refer to releases with a two-part number, e.g. 8.2, unless a minor revision is sent to the users.


We have had a report that after applying the patch and accessing the scanner configurations, an exception error can occur. The problem appears to be that the scanner configuration file gets corrupted. In the unlikely event this happens to you, follow these simple steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Quit AuditWizard.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\AuditWizard v8\Scanners\ and delete any .XML files in the folder.
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\AuditWizard v8\Scanners\AuditAgent\ and delete any .XML files in the folder.
  4. Navigate to your AuditWizard network share and delete the scanner folder.
  5. Restart AuditWizard. The files in the program folder will be regenerated on launch.
  6. Go to Administration > Auditing > AuditScanner Configuration, enter the name Default and reconfigure as desired. Click the Save Configuration, then Deploy to Network buttons. This regenerates the scanner folder in the network share.
  7. If you are using the Agent, go to Administration > Auditing > AuditAgent Configuration, enter the name Default and reconfigure as desired, then click the Save Configuration button.
  8. Remove the old Agent from your deployed computers and redeploy.

New & Enhanced Features

New Features

  • New Registry Key Crawler: An all-new algorithm and registry crawler has been implemented to improve the data collection of installed products, version numbers, serial numbers and products keys, including Microsoft, Adode and other major vendors.
  • New Ownership/Asset Management Tabs in Asset Summary View: Users will now be able to assign ownership of assets to a user and create customizable fields which can include data such as lease agreements, address details, or any information required. All the fields will be fully customizable enabling you to design the data fields to meet your needs exactly. Add an extra category and it will appear as a separate tab for easy grouping of user defined fields. User-defined fields used to appear in the tree below an asset. Now each user-defined category becomes its own tab in the Asset Summary view when an asset is selected.
  • New Notes Interface for Assets and Applications: Easy-to-use two-pane approach has note titles on the left and the note body on the right. Notes jump to the top of the list when edited to indicate relevance. Incredibly simple and usable.
  • New Data Types for User-Defined Fields: Date and Currency have been added, and the interface has been streamlined with easy-access buttons at the bottom of each pane in the administration section. Numeric fields have also been simplified.
  • Interactive Audit Overhaul: Each user-defined field can be included or excluded from an interactive audit, instead of a global on-or-off state. Fields with data you don't want changed can be excluded so that users do not modify the data or leave it blank. Very useful for asset-management fields that you don't need users to enter during an audit.
  • Picklist, Asset Types Interface Changes: Like the User Defined Data interface, these two interfaces now have easy-access buttons at the bottom of each pane.
  • New Email Options: You can now send emails formatted for HTML or plain text
  • Database Maintenance Window: If a maintenance script needs to be run on your database, it can be done in this maintenance window rather than through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Especially good for users using the embedded database.
  • Internet Browsers Grouped All Internet browsers are now grouped together under 'Internet' in Network View tab in the tree structure, showing the default browser, and all the different browsers installed, including versions numbers. Under the All Assets option you can instantly see what users default browsers are, what version and more.

Enhanced Features

  • Asset Type field added to Custom Report options.
  • Redesigned Email Status Report with HTML and plain-text options.
  • Two new Internet Reports under available under the Software section.
  • The application is now digitally signed. You no longer need to "Run as Administrator" on Vista and Windows 7.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 104: UAC handling for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Previously had to run AuditWizard "as Administrator".
  • Bug 197: Alert Monitor check interval increased to one day. Previous timeout was too low for some systems and caused excessive network traffic.
  • Bug 241: New licence type count can be set to 0, so any number of installations can be flagged as non-compliant.
  • Bug 301: User-defined fields with the type Environment Variable were not being populated on upload.
  • Bug 329: Multiple Emails Sent on Automatic Schedule
  • Bug 428: Scanner Not Picking Up 64-Bit Applications
  • Bug 449: Compliant Applications count on Email Status Report Incorrect
  • Bug 570: Data View for Ignored and Not Included data sets in Overall Software Compliance pane of the Dashboard showing incorrect filtering of aliased and ignored applications.
  • Bug 571: Can't Alias Publishers that Contain Ignored Applications
  • Bug 580: Windows 7 64-Bit Product ID Not Being Audited
  • Bug 590: Certain applications would be automatically ignored on upload, regardless of whether a user set them to Included. We removed that functionality so a user can have complete control over whether an application is ignored or included.

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