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The menu bar contains a number of other buttons.

Aw concepts interface other btns.png


Aw icon app.png Application

Opens the Application menu which contains commands related to the application, identical to the below.

Aw icon refresh.png Refresh

Refreshes the current screen.

Aw icon help.png Help

Displays a dialog with links to online support resources.

Aw icon info.png Information

Displays a dialog with version and licence information.

Aw other btns info.png

License Information

From the Information dialog, click the Register button. the License Information dialog will open:

Aw other btns info reg.png

You can refer to the details of your current license, and it can be changed here by entering the Company Name, Company ID and Product Key you obtained from Sales. To register the license, click the Register button.

Click the Continue button to close the dialog.

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