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This procedure is used any time you want to create a new SQL Server database, for testing or starting anew, without copying data, which would be done in a migration.


  1. The default database name is AuditWizard. You'll be creating a new database, so if it will be hosted on the same SQL Server, it will have to have a different name.
  2. Go to Administration > General > Database Maintenance and click the Change Database button:

    Aw change db.png

  3. Click Next:

    Aw change db 02.png

  4. Click the Create a new database radio button. Click the browse button next to the Server Name field and select your SQL Server name. The database name AuditWizard will be entered by default, though it can be changed if necessary, as noted above. Click Next:

    Aw change db 03.png

  5. Click the No, do not migrate data radio button. Click Next:

    Aw change db conn 04.png

  6. Click Finish:

    Aw change db 05.png

  7. The new database connection setting will be saved. Once done, this dialog will appear. Click OK:

    Aw change db 06.png

AuditWizard will restart and will now be connected to the SQL Server database.

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