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AuditWizard can organize the assets on your network either by the domains of which they are a member or using a user defined location structure to more accurately reflect the topography of your organization.

The user defined location structure consists of a multi-level tree with an unlimited number of nodes with a maximum depth of 10 allowing even the most complex organizational structures to be modelled.

Aw admin data loc 01.png

Adding a New Location

  1. There are two methods of starting the process:
    1. Method 1: Select the location's desired parent location, then click the Add Location button on the Locations ribbon menu.

      Aw admin data loc 02.png

    2. Method 2: Right-click the desired parent location and select New Location from the menu.

      Aw admin data loc 03.png

  2. The New Location dialog will open. The name and path of the parent level will be displayed in the Parent Location field.

    Aw admin data loc 04.png

  3. Enter a name in the Location Name field. The names at the same level must be unique; however this is not necessary within different branches of the tree. For example, London may have Marketing Department and so may Tampa.
  4. Optional: One or more ranges of IP addresses can be specified for the location. By associating IP addresses with a location, AuditWizard can automatically relocate a newly audited asset to the appropriate location based on its IP address.
    1. Click the Add button. The Add/Edit TCP/IP Address Range dialog will open.
    2. Enter start and end IP addresses and click the OK button. Note that multiple IP ranges can be set.

      Aw admin data loc 05.png

  5. To save the new location, click the OK button in the New Location dialog.

    Aw admin data loc 06.png

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