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This procedure can be used to remove the Agent if you can't remove it through the AuditWizard application.

On the AuditWizard Computer

  1. Launch AuditWizard.
  2. In Network View, find the target computer to remove the Agent service from.
  3. Right-click the computer in the left-hand pane and select AuditWizard Agent > Remove.
  4. Right-click the computer in the left-hand pane and select AuditWizard Agent > Check Status. If the Operations Log does not confirm that it is removed, then proceed.

On the Client Computer Where the AuditWizard Agent is Installed

1. Log in as an admin.

2. Open Command Prompt.

3. Enter the following command to stop the service:

   sc stop "AuditWizard Agent"

4. Enter the following command:

   sc query "AuditWizard Agent"

5. If you get any response, it means the agent service is installed. In this case, enter the following command:

   sc delete "AuditWizard Agent"

If the service has been removed, you will get the message

   [SC] DeleteService SUCCESS

You can verify that the service has been removed by checking for it in the Windows Services console.

6. Restart the computer.

7. Navigate to:

32-bit systems:


64-bit systems:


8. If any of the following files are present, delete them:

  • AuditAgent.exe
  • AuditAgent.xml
  • AuditAgent.log

You can then check the status of the computer in the AuditWizard interface and it should be Not Installed.

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