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Run the 8.1.6 update on the computer where you have AuditWizard installed and follow the prompts. Once the update is completed you must rebuild and re-deploy the Scanner and Agent (if you are using it) as they have been updated.


  • You must be on AuditWizard v8.1.0 or higher to upgrade using the update executable patch. If you are running an earlier version of AuditWizard please contact your local Layton Technology office to obtain the necessary upgrade instructions from earlier versions.
  • Do not uninstall AuditWizard prior to upgrading.
  • To download the patch, you can log into the customer support area on our website.

New & Enhanced Features

New Features

  • Performance: A restructure of the database was done to deliver significant performance enhancements, particularly on large databases. AuditWizard was tested against a database with 30,000+ Assets and performance was significant after the upgrade. This upgrade affects the performance of the whole application including reporting.
  • IP Address Ranges: You can now add more than 7 IP address ranges for the network discovery with the additional option to select which ranges to scan.
  • Monitor Data: The Scanner can now audit data relating to the monitor such as screen resolution.
  • CPU Bus Type: The Scanner can now audit the CPU Bus Type of the processor.

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate Assets: There have been some reports of duplicate assets appearing in the database, particularly if the serial number of the asset is set to OEM or the asset was audited across a VPN. A new algorithm has now been designed to eliminate duplicate assets.
  • LDAP String: There were restrictions on the number of characters you could enter as part of the LDAP String. This is now unrestricted.

Coming Soon

We are revamping the way product license keys are collected, so expect to so major improvements in that area in the coming weeks. Details of the next development phase will be posted to our development blog on our website.

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