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As SQL Server is not maintained or supported by Layton Technology, our support can only be limited.

It is not possible to import all location information using the Assets and Locations method because that method imports assets with their locations. The asset is the focus of that method. A list of locations have to be imported directly into the database using Management Studio.

Table Structure

The table structure is as follows:

Column Name Description
_LOCATIONID Serial number for internal reference.
_FULLNAME The name, with any parent names, separated by a backslash \.
_NAME The name of this location without any parent names.
_PARENTID The _LOCATIONID of any parent one level up.
_START_IPADDRESS The starting IP address of a range that represents this location (optional).
_END_IPADDRESS The ending IP address of the range (optional).
_HIDDEN Unused at this time. Enter 0.

Example CSV File

   14,Home\Site 01,Site 01,1,,,0
   15,Home\Site 02,Site 02,1,,,0
   16,Home\Site 03,Site 03,1,,,0
   17,Home\Site 01\Location 01,Location 01,14,,,0
   18,Home\Site 01\Location 02,Location 02,14,,,0
   19,Home\Site 02\Location 01,Location 01,15,,,0
   20,Home\Site 02\Location 02,Location 02,15,,,0
   21,Home\Site 02\Location 03,Location 03,15,,,0
   22,Home\Site 02\Location 04,Location 04,15,,,0
   23,Home\Site 03\Location 01,Location 01,16,,,0
   24,Home\Site 03\Location 02,Location 02,16,,,0
   25,Home\Site 03\Location 03,Location 03,16,,,0

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