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On occasion, Support may need to examine your database to understand the cause of an issue or to repair your database. There is a preparatory procedure, and two different procedures depending on whether you are using the embedded database or a SQL Server database.

Preparatory Steps

Gather Information About the Database

Collect the following information for later use:

  1. The application version of your installation of AuditWizard.
  2. The type of database in use.

Create Database Backup

Back up only the database that is in use. It will be either embedded (SQL Compact) or SQL Server.

Embedded (SQL Compact) Database)

  1. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\AuditWizard v8\db\.
  2. Zip aw_db.sdf.
  3. Move the .zip file to a location that will be easy to access.

SQL Server Database

  1. Use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to back up the SQL database to a .bak file. Note the following settings:

    Aw db backup 01.png

    Aw db backup02.png

Replace Passwords with Generic Password

This applies to SQL Server databases. If AuditWizard security has been enabled, all the passwords should be overwritten with a generic password to protect your passwords.

1. Restore the database with a different name.

2. Run this query to change the passwords for all users to the generic password password:


3. Backup the temporary database.

4. In Management Studio, delete the temporary database.

Prepare File for Upload

Rename the Backup File

Please use this naming convention for the backup file:


For example, if you were backing up a version 8.4.4 embedded (SQL Compact) database on 7 Dec. 2016, the resultant filename would be (.zip extension from the zipping procedure):

If you were backing up a version 8.4.4 database running on SQL Server 2014 on 7 Dec. 2016, the resultant filename would be:


Zip the Backup File

Important! You must zip the file before sending to greatly reduce its size.

Send the Database

Send the .zip file to Support via our secure upload service.

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