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Under the following conditions, the date and time displayed in the interface should be that of the local format of the server, not the user's computer.

In this configuration, if the date and time format is incorrect, it may be due to an Internet Information Services (IIS) setting.


  • Settings on the server in the Windows Region and Language control panel are set to English (United States).
  • Settings on the region settings on the user's computer are set to English (United Kingdom).
  • Date format in the interface is displayed as English (United Kingdom).
  • It should be English (United States).

Note that in this case it will appear as English (United Kingdom) whether the user is logged directly into the server or through a client.

We have found this was due to a server being set for one region, then changed to another and an IIS setting was not updated.


  1. On the Layton ServiceDesk server, open the Region and Language Windows control panel and make sure that every setting is set to the desired region (e.g. English (United States)).
  2. Launch the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  3. Expand the server > Sites > Default Web Site and click the LaytonServiceDesk virtual directory and double-click the .NET Globalization button.

    Lsd trbshoot date format01.png

  4. Change Culture and UI Culture to match that of the Region and Language Windows control panel.

    Lsd trbshoot date format02.png

  5. Close the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

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